Christmas fabric at Keepsake Quilting
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More reasons to visit us!

Libby and Heather do a wonderful job styling the shop and keeping it looking fresh and exciting every day.

Here are some shots of our Christmas section, our 1930s themed foyer, and two shots of our Outlet – make sure you check it out when you visit us!

Christmas fabric at Keepsake Quilting

1930s Foyer at Keepsake Quilting

Keepsake Quilting Outlet

Keepsake Quilting Outlet


  • Carol deSousa-Martin

    This message is for Bonnie Knot…Please let her know that I have finally gotten into quilting..It took a heart attack to do it though..Two so far, a king and a queen…Trip Around the World..Now onto a full size for my Mom..My husband and I live in the Northeast kingdom now and love it..Still 2 ft of snow here, but going fast.
    Let me know if there is some way of emailing her directly.
    Thanks, Carol deSousa-Martin

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