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Halloween Mystery Photo Contest

Did you know that the Keepsake Quilting Shop is haunted? Unexplained footsteps, doors opening and closing (with no one around), our employees hear it all. This has been a topic of discussion over the years, and we have finally managed to capture proof!

At the bottom of this post you will see our proof. Our photography team was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, and caught the spooky apparitions on film! We want you to tell us what you think the ghostly backstory is. Who are they, and why do they haunt our shop? Could they be members of the Senter family, who were owners of a large amount of land in the area (our building, Senter’s Marketplace is named after them)? Or is it one of our first customers, back for a visit? You tell us!

Leave your story as a comment on our blog by 7:30AM EST on Thursday, November 1st. Our employees will read each entry, and vote on which we find the most convincing or scary. Our winner will receive our Dancing with Bats Kit, a Halloween fabric bitty bundle, and other surprises!

Celebrate Halloween with us by sharing your best story, and don’t miss the mystery photo contest on the Patternworks Blog!


  • Debbie Woods

    The owner of the shop has just waited on the young couple who went out the door after possibly purchasing some fabric for a new dress or for some other seamstering.

  • Jerry Beavers

    I was at the grocery store the other day waiting in line to pay for my items. I felt a tug on my sweatshirt. I turned to see who was trying to get my attention, but no one was there. I was in line by my self. My husband is a prankster–I knew it wasn’t him because I had gone to the store by myself. I do believe that spirits are all around us.

  • Betty Dobberpuhl

    My comment is not scarey but wishful. What quilter would not want to spend their afterlife flying about a quilt store? One could listen to all of the stories quilters tell, feel the fabrics, watch the new shipments arrive and be on top of the latest quilting products. One might say spending eternity in a quilt shop is heaven. 🙂

  • Tammy McDuff

    Keepsake Quilting

    On all Hallows eve, when the moon settles down,
    The ghouls, ghost and goblins like to shop around town.
    In New Hampshire the find a quaint quilt store,
    Where they can shop for fabric, books, and more!

    The notions are wonderful, but that is not what they seek,
    It is the customer care and the quality they find unique.

    The creatures watched eagerly as the day comes to an end,
    The coins in their pockets, they would be happy to spend.

    The ladies were working, as frantically as before,
    Maggie was shipping the last box out the door.
    Laura, Debbie and Becky were adding the final touches to a new quilt kit…
    They knew if they didn’t hurry, Vicky would have a fit.

    When door was locked, and the lights turned down,
    The old goblin entered without a sound.
    She called to the spirits and the witches she knew,
    For the ghost and the goblins needed instructions, more than a few.

    Those creatures entered without a peep,
    They wanted Center Harbor to continue to sleep.

    Those creatures did dance, they ravished the place,
    Obviously they did not remember that quilting wasn’t a race.
    The stroked the batiks and cursed at the Civil War,
    Ran through the ‘30s, and played on the bar.

    The witches, they cackled at all the lovely prints,
    They realized they missed the all the cool hints,
    The old ghoul knew that had no sense.
    “Don’t leave the cutter open,”
    “Don’t cut without reading,”
    They forgot all the warnings, and didn’t take heeding…

    As the east light drew, to shine on the place
    The old goblin had a smile on her face.
    She grabbed up her treasures,
    Made one final scream, making believe this wasn’t a dream.

    With a new day upon,
    New work to be done,
    Keepsake Quilting is Open
    To keep us all hoping
    We finish those quilts, and remember to play
    And be as happy on Halloween Day

  • terri carney

    Back in the days of ore. Long before woman were allowed to be seen barefoot in public. When time was a earned aspect of a days work and a restful sleep at night, A townsman by the name of Mason Helderoff strolled town daily. Basically known for his looks. and charm. But Mason was a mortensen also. His daily stroll was one of great gesture as he walk the ancient town streets. Nodding to maddens by tipping his tall dark hat with a slight bow. The large buttons on Masons jacket was a sign of wealth and respect. because most in this age could not afford buttons for jackets ,let alone this large beautiful black buttons that match his jacket material so perfectly. Mason had decided to take a early stroll one morning and was walking along the street, as he noticed this beautiful sight in the window. She was adjusting the material that was hung on statues in the display window.Madison frequented the fabric store often, as he had to keep appearances up for virtue sake. So he entered the store and approached a fancy new batch of black wool that had just arrived earlier that day. All the while he leared at Abagal . She seen him fondling the wool and approached him with introduction. “I’m Ms Abagal Killion may i assist you sir”. gracefully Madison tip his hat and bow and proceeded to kiss Ms Abagals hand, The pleasure is mine he replied. Many weeks followed as Madison no longer needed a excuse to visit Abagal now called Abby by Madison. Abby was smitten by Madison’s charm, influence, and wealth. Madison and Abby would soon wed. Three days before Halloween Abby took ill. Madison sat with her right up til Halloween. He told her he would return to her soon.He was asked into work. because of death in town. During this time, Abby died. Madison was so heart broken to survive without Abby he could not accept what fate had delt. He would set and drink for days on end as hoping to self destruct. But hopelessly he survived, A few weeks later Madisons sister heard of all that had happened. so she decided to go stay with Madison thinking it would help him better focus on the future, rather than his saddened past. After sometime passed Madison and his sister began strolling the streets together as a afternoon walk, and Madison would try very hard not to look at the fabric store windows because it caused his heart to break all over again. His sisters plan seemed to be working. Madison no longer dranked his ale. nor did he cry at every thought of loosing Abby, He was healing. one evening Madison and his sister were taking there afternoon walk and a runaway carriage came out from nowhere. Madison and his sister were both killed in the accident. but to this day i hear you can always go back to the fabric store where Abby worked and if you wait just long enough you will hear doors opening and closing, and onced Abby’s ghost was seen. they knew it was her by the flowing beautiful white fabric of her burial gown. The person that told me this said as he started out of the store he could have sworn he seen a man wearing a black top hat and a black jacket with large black buttons, with a younger lady at his side and he knew it was Madison because he smiled lightly bowed and tipped his hat.

  • missy

    I think that the apparition is a quilter from years past who passed away. Before she passed she was looking for just the right border fabric to finish her quilt. She passed away before she was able to find that fabric and finish the quilts. Even in death she continues to look through the store among all the bolts still looking for that perfect fabric! A truly dedicated quilter!

  • Mary B. Ohlson

    Too late for the contest, but can’t resist telling you, since I know what’s going on! These are 2 ladies who did not get all the quilting fabric they wanted in life. Who does? They had unfinished projects & lots of planned projects in their heads. They felt so strongly about finishing them all that even death could not halt them. However! The husband of one of them has linked his arm with his wife & is hustling her out the door. Why? He doesn’t have to worry any longer about her spending all his money on fabric. No, he just is lonely when she isn’t in the adjoining grave. At least he is mannerly enough to tip his hat to us as he leaves!

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