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Fall International Quilt Market 2012 in Houston

Special quilt exhibits. Photo tweeted by International Quilt Market.

Members of our merchandising department just returned from their trip to the Fall International Quilt Market in Houston, Texas. Rosemary, Jo, Karen and Cheryl had a very busy weekend! They enjoyed seeing all the different booths and exhibits, including the special quilt exhibits shown above. As always, they brought back lots and lots of new quilts for our upcoming catalogs, and our photography area is filling up quickly!

At each booth, the “talk” of the trip was definitely Hurricane Sandy. Our thoughts are with all who were affected. Due to delayed and cancelled flights, our merchandisers were in Houston for an extra day, and spent their extra time catching up on work.

Here’s a photo tour of their trip! Click on each photo to view a larger image, and for easy scrolling between photos.


  • Shirley

    Did you find vendors at the 2012 Houston International Quilt Market with spiritual fabric designs? We make lap-size Prayer Quilts and are interested in colorful fabrics with inspirational words, scriptures, crosses or other related designs.

    Thank you for your help!

    • Jackie

      I have found that if I ‘google’ what you are searching you can find things. Like you would put in ‘inspriation quotes fabric’. I have used it to find angel fabric. Good luck.

  • Judith Anne Roberts

    Oh my, what an inspiration! Those gorgeous quilts and the fabric!! Quilters heaven, one day I will see it in person. Putting it on my “Bucket List” right next to KQ. Thanks so much for sharing. (I am attending a Quilt and Craft Fair this weekend in Adelaide South Australia, not as grand as Houston, but wonderful inspiration and learning opportunity)

  • Daphne Worsham

    Thanks for the brief trip to the show! I’ve never been, and now I’m tempted. As a “traveling quilter” I especially loved the Moda display, but really enjoyed the close-ups of all the booths.

  • Lorei Lynn

    All of the photos are beautiful! However one photograph in particular caught my eye. Does anyone know what pattern was used for the first quilt shown with the caption of “Quilt in the travelling exibit”? I am referring to the one with the appliqued roses and seven round blocks. I would love to add it to my “Quilts I Plan to Accomplish Before I Die” list. Thank-you for your help!

  • Betty Oswalt

    The photos are great; however, they don’t compare to the beauty of the quilts and the talents of their creators. Thanks to the Tall Pines Quilt Guild, I was able to attend the International Quilt show in Houston. If you have never attended this quilt show, you need to make plans to attend the 2013 show.

  • Nancy B. Walter

    WOW! The work done to put this gorgeous show!! I want so many of the quilt patters that I saw on display. I particularly liked the kittens on the clothes line & all over……hanging in the pants on the line, etc.. Anna Griffin quilts were my favorite I think. I hope to fine her patterns for the quilts she had displayed.
    Thank you for posting all these beautiful displays. I hope your group thoroughly enjoyed yourselves being there. I look forward to you handling lots of the fabric & hopefully the patterns of my favorites. There were many!!
    With envy,
    Nancy Walter

  • Cassie Tyler

    Thank you for sharing the beauty and exhilaration of your trip. You made it come alive with the broad range of pictures. I liked them all, but especially the Hoffman booth, all of the Fairfield pictures, McKenna Ryan’s newest work of art and the 2nd to the last one, “Quilt in the Travellling Exhibit,” with the flower garden. I feel like I just took a vacation. Thank you!

    • Karen Eddy

      This quilt pattern is by Java House Quilts and is available as a block of the month program at Good Luck. I just happened to see the quilt on their website right after I read your question!

  • jellie wierdsma

    thanks for showing the beautiful quilts and material.
    I was very surprised to see the new quilt of Ryan Mc Kenna with the cats in the tree. you can recognize some items from the the storybook farm. Very tempting it is….

  • Leonor

    É de muito bom gosto, todos os trabalhos que são uma obra de arte, fique muito feliz de ter expositoras brasileira nesta feira de Quilt Internacional de Houston, que tiverão os trabalhos belissímos . Todos estão de parabens.

  • Allyson Scovell

    Wow, I just had a wonderful flashback memory of my trip to Houston 2011 and the snow at Keepsake Quilting when we visited the shop, we Aussie quilters pray for the victims left homeless after your terrible storm recently. I know the American Quilt Societies will be sending quilts to keep them warm. God bless and care for your neighbours.

  • Kimberley Anderson

    Thank you for the sharing your beautiful pictures of the show. It is greatly appreciated for those of us that not able to attend and can only dream of beinable to attend one of these grand events. The quilts and displays are amazing. Where to begin!
    Keep them coming!!

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