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Special Keepsake Quilting Visitors

Last week, Keepsake Quilting had the pleasure of welcoming a trio of special customers from across the country. Genevia, Lee Ann and Terry came all the way from Texas! We were surprised and honored to hear their story.

Visiting the Cutting Room

Genevia recently retired from Texas Trust Bank, and when they asked what she would like as a retirement gift, she had a fabulous idea. Rather than receive a piece of jewelry or other commemorative item, she asked that they fly her here to New Hampshire so she could visit our store! She has traveled plenty over the years, but had never made it here—and thought this was the perfect opportunity to do so. Texas Trust Bank not only flew her here, but were generous enough to include lodging and more!

Wow, look at all that fabric!

Genevia, Lee Ann and Terry’s visit started at the Keepsake Quilting shop, where they were amazed at our fabric selection and how much we keep in stock. Their visit continued at our distribution center, which houses our call center, catalog and web design, cutting room and more. They were impressed that we do everything within the company, within walking distance of each other! Then they went to our cutting room, where they spoke with employees and were surprised to learn that it is all done by hand and not animated or precut. They wrapped up their visit with lunch with our shop manager Deb, and had great conversation about quilting and how they hope to return to visit in the future.

Thanks so much for visiting ladies, we hope your trip was full of wonderful memories!


    • Keepsake Quilting

      We have had quilt labels in the past, and certainly could in the future, but do not currently have any in stock. You may be able to find some by searching online, or checking with a local quilt guild for suggestions. Or, you may wish to make an extra small quilt block to use as your label, and just add your information with permanent ink. This way it will match the fabrics already used, and add a personal touch to each quilt!
      Hope this helps,

    • Keepsake Quilting

      Hi Pat,

      We’re so glad you are making the trip from CT! Our store is about 7,000 square feet of quilting heaven. We have over 13,000 bolts of fabric! The KQ Outlet is right next door, attached to our main shop. If you’re making the trip before the end of September, you may wish to bring a project with you. September is our Show & Tell Month, find out more about this here!

      You can find information about nearby lodging and restaurants here on our website, and reviews for area restaurants here.

      Hope this helps!

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