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KQ Employee Party – A Mexican Fiesta

Last Wednesday we held our annual Keepsake Quilting outing. After a couple of rainy days, luckily the weatherman was on our side. It was a great day for our Mexican fiesta, complete with a taco and quesadilla buffet with black beans, chicken, pork, tofu and all the fixings. If palates needed cooling after the Mexican fare, that was taken care of by a make-your-own sundae buffet, with choice of ice cream and sweet toppings.

After lunch, we señoritas and señores vied for prizes with all kinds of fun and silly games, such as pass the hat, bean race, taco fight (no food thrown, we assure you), and a disc toss. We had lots of laughs watching our blindfolded co-workers flailing about trying to break open the piñatas filled with candy.

Here are some photos of the festivities. Click on the first image to scroll through them all.


    • Keepsake Quilting

      We’re sorry we weren’t there. We know it is a great festival, but one we’ve never been to. You never know, maybe in the future! Remember you can always purchase quilting supplies on our website, or we’d love to see you at the shop.

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