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Tonga Treats Table Topper and Table Runner Patterns

Here are two quick and easy table runner patterns that both utilize 5″ squares. We’ve chosen to highlight our Tonga Treats collections because they create such striking visuals; however you can use any charm pack to create these quick, beautiful, and functional table accents.

Tonga Treats Table Topper – finished size is 32½” x 32½”

Tonga Treats Table Topper



  1. Choose 3 squares in cut and in half to yield six 2½” x 5″ rectangles.Top1
  2. The first row is made of six 5″ squares (row A).
  3. The next row begins with one of your rectangles followed by five squares, ending with another rectangle (row B). Make sure you square the rows up for perfect piecing! Top 2
  4. Alternate row A and B so you have a total of six rows.Top 3
  5. Sew your rows together.
  6. Add the border.
  7. Sew top and backing right sides together, leaving a gap for turning. Turn right side out and slip stitch opening close.
  8. Quilt as desired and enjoy!


Tonga Treats Table Runner – Finished size is 16″ x 52″

Tonga Treats Table RunnerSupplies:

  • 1 pack of Tonga Treats 5″ square 40 piece collection (you will only use 36)
  • ½ yard border fabric – cut four 2½” strips and join together into one long strip
  • ¾ yard backing – cut on fold and piece together to make a 54″ strip
  • Batting piece 18″ x 54″


  1. Make four nine-patch blocks, as shown in these images:Runner images 1-3
  2. Cut each nine-patch block into four equal pieces by cutting it horizontally and vertically. Run 4
  3. These blocks can now be arranged in many different ways. Play around with them!Run 5
  4. Arrange the blocks into two rows of eight blocks and sew together.Run 6
  5. Add your border.
  6. Lay piece of batting down, then backing right side up, and finally top right side down, and sew together leaving a gap for turning.
  7. Turn right side out, slip stitch opening close and press.
  8. Quilt as desired and enjoy!

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  • Jean Moe

    I live way out in the country so going to town is a all day affair. It was so nice to find this site and instructions that are easy to understand. Just what I needed when I was about to give up on anyone helping me.

  • Elizabeth Keeler

    While I really appreciate your efforts to correct the shipping problem, I had my heart set on the original Four Square pattern. Is there any way you could email me the directions to this table runner? As I am fairly new to quilting I still need the actual directions. I am looking forward to the day when I can tackle a project such as this just by looking at the picture.

    I thank you in advance for your help and support

    Elizabeth Keeler

  • marel

    Thanks for the pattern for the table runner…it’s more of a Disappearing Nine Patch not the Four Square that was supposed to come in the Tonga Treats packaging. I preferred that look better from the picture.

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