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Tips for Visiting the Keepsake Quilting Shop

Sew you want to know some helpful hints for visiting the KQ Shop?

Fall Foyer

Here are a few things you should know if you are going to visit the KQ shop:

  • Our staff members have been quilting anywhere from three to 25+ years. If you are working on a project and get stumped, big or small, supposedly easy, or definitely complex—bring it in!  With our combined 100+ years of experience, we will be able to help you figure out the issue.
  • If you are bringing along a friend who does not quilt, be it a man or best friend, there are a couple of local options for their amusement. Center Harbor is located right on Lake Winnipesaukee, so they could always take a walk down to the water. Right next door is Bayswater Books, and across the street is a coffee shop and Yikes! American Craft Gallery. Remind your tagalong to bring a good book or video game, camp them out at the coffee shop or by the lake, and enjoy your time free of worrying about them!
  • Speaking of time—make sure you give yourself plenty of it! Unless you know exactly what you are looking for (ran out of Heat n Bond Ultra for making the Woven Snowflake ornaments and just need a yard more, etc.), make sure you give yourself a minimum of an hour to wander around. Typically, people end up spending at least fifteen minutes or so just getting their bearings amongst our 13,000 bolts! Many visitors end up spending the morning picking out fabrics, going to lunch, and then coming back for round two!
  • Go here to find places to stay and eat locally.
  • Did you know we will ship your items home for you? This especially comes in handy when flying home, as our shipping rates tend to be better than the extra charges the airline might nail you with. Bring along a return address label to affix to the paperwork! Our standard shipping rates apply.
  • Want to sign up for the catalog? You can do so in the shop. Or even easier, go here!
  • Although we do not cut fat quarters, there are over 1,000 to choose from at our shop. Our fats come from the end of our bolts, so if you find a fat quarter you love, unfortunately it means you weren’t the first to fall in love with that fabric and in all likelihood you are looking at the last of it. You can always ask one of our staff to check our back stock to see if there are more, though!
  • The smallest amount we cut is 1/8 yard, regardless of whether it is a full price or sale bolt.
  • Looking for backing? Of course you could always just bring in the measurements, but we prefer and would love it if you brought in the quilt itself! It’s so much easier to find the right backing with the quilt in hand, and show and tell is one of our favorite things. Plus, if you buy your backing with us, get 10% off any batting you purchase! Shop only special.
  • Looking for window treatments? Make sure you bring in the dimensions of the windows. There is such variety in window sizes these days, it is challenging for us to give you a general guideline without knowing the exact dimensions.
  • Matching a fabric or paint color? Bring in a fabric swatch or paint chip! Our shop is organized by background color, so usually we can point you in the proper general direction, however having the actual fabric or paint color to match makes things a lot easier. Can’t decide which of two fabrics is the right one for the room? We will cut you a thin strip of fabric free of charge so you can go home and make sure you make the right choice. We will even hold bolts for up to two weeks so you have time to check.
  • We do allow pictures taken in the shop, however you must be careful not to zoom in on any particular quilt. Our consignors spend a lot of time working on their creations and we do not have authorization to have their work captured by others, so please be mindful as you take an overview shot of the shop. One of our staff would be more than happy to take a picture of you, too!
  • Did you know we offer free shipping on any catalog item we don’t have in the shop? It’s true! If you come to the shop and we are out of stock of any catalog item you are looking for, we will ship it home to you for free!
  • With gas prices the way they are, why not make your visit to the KQ shop a group event with your guild or friends?  Groups of six or more, be sure to call Deb at 603-253-4026 to get a special discount!

Any questions about visiting? Give the shop a call! 603-243-4026


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