"Log Cabin Leaves" digital quilted pillow pattern
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Quick and Cute: Quilted Projects They’ll Love That Won’t Take Forever

We’re all busy, but we still want to make beautiful things for our family and friends–and let’s not forget making things for ourselves, either!

Even the simplest quilt is a commitment (which is great when you want to dive into something big), but you can finish the prettiest placemats, napkins, table runners, or pillows in a few hours. Everyone over for dinner will admire your beautiful quilted placemats, but no one knows you whipped them up in one afternoon. (We won’t tell if you don’t!)

"Double Dip" digital placemats quilt pattern
Imagine the dozens of color variations you can get from this “Double Dip” placemat pattern!

Take our “Double Dip” reversible placemat pattern. The strip piecing makes for superfast construction, but the color and pattern variations are endless. You could do a set in coordinating (but not matching) colors, or swap colors between the horizontals and vertical strips, or, if you use three colors, have half the set be colors a, b, and c, and the other half be colors a, b, and d.

Table runners aren’t far behind in ease and speed of construction. Look how eye-catching the “Pure Color” table runner (below) is in bright modern solids. But it’s a Keepsake Quilting Quick Kit, which means you get a kit designed for fast sewing delivered right to your door with everything you need included, so you can jump right in. That means faster finishing, and more time for your guests to admire your handiwork!

"Pure Color" table runner kit
This “Pure Color” Keepsake Quilt Kit gives you everything you need to start sewing!

No rundown of quick projects is complete without talking about pillows. They’re simple, comfy, and there’s an endless range of patterns, colors, and styles. Take our “Log Cabin :eaves” digital pattern: we show three color variations here, but the Log Cabin pattern may be the most versatile quilt pattern out thereĀ  (and it’s one of the easiest, thanks to strip piecing).

"Log Cabin Leaves" digital quilted pillow pattern
The “Log Cabin Leaves” digital quilt pattern has endless color variations!

Whether you choose placemats, table runners, or pillows, in no time you’ll have a fresh new quilted piece for your guests to admire. Let’s get sewing!




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