"Scrappy Jewels" digital quilt pattern
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Scrap quilts: a new take on an old favorite

Back in the day, all quilts were scrappy. Women sewed their scraps together into the most useful and prettiest covering they could.  They traded scraps with each other and showed their finished patchwork with pride (and probably a touch of competition).

Creativity and skill mattered, just like today. Because some things don’t change: we all still have scraps, and we want to do something beautiful and useful with them.

"Scrappy Jewels" digital quilt pattern available online for immediate download
The “Scrappy Jewels” in this digital quilt pattern really shine!

But how we learn has changed. That’s what I like about Bonnie Hunter’s “Scrap Quilts” class on craftonlineuniversity.com: it’s such a cool mix of old and new. Old, in that she works with the oldest style of patchwork; new, in that she teaches it online and brings a fresh new look to the oldest form of quilting.

Bonnie is the scrap quilt queen– she’s been giving classes, workshops, and lectures for years, but now you can learn from her even if you can’t see her in person. Sign up for her “Scrap Quilts” class (Oct. 12th- Nov. 23rd) and you’ll be learning from the best,  even though you’re sitting at home in your jammies or your oldest sweats (we won’t judge, or even know).

And if you don’t want a full class, Keepsake Quilting now has 1, 211 (you read that right) digital quilting patterns online for your shopping and immediate downloading pleasure. Here’s a couple of the scrappier ones, but with so many, you’re sure to find a quilt pattern that speaks to you, and that you can download right now!

Lime Twist digital quilt pattern
“Lime Twist” digital pattern available online for immediate download
Starlit Path digital quilt pattern available online for immediate download
“Starlit Path” a sup-scrappy digital quilt pattern available online for immediate download











If by chance you don’t have enough scraps, we can help! Visit our scrap collections page, where we spoil you with literally hundreds of scrappy collections: batiks, holiday fabrics, flannels, florals, kids fabrics, and of course every color in the colorwheel. You’re welcome!

Given how excited 19th century quilters were when sewing machines first appeared, I bet they’d love the online quilting world: immediate download of digital quilt patterns, classes with new techniques demonstrated online, and of course online fabric shopping: thousands of bolts delivered right to your door!

They couldn’t take advantage of all this; you can. Go for it!





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