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We’re Tickled (Tula) Pink!

Keepsake Quilting is thrilled to announce our new partnership with Tula Pink, everyone’s favorite illustrator, fabric designer, DIY’er, and all-around cool girl! She’s going to be doing a bunch of exclusive Tula Pink quilting patterns and projects for us: videos and kits you’ll find only at Keepsake Quilting.

Tula Pink quilting patterns and fabrics

Our exclusive Tula Pink kits are here now, designed by Tula’s favorite quilt designers and made from her favorite fabrics. We’ve got bags of all sizes: the Adorable Tote, Cute Clutch, and Pretty Purse and projects to liven up your home: the Sunrise and Compass large floor pillows and the Palace Floor Table Runner.

We’ve got six Tula Pink bed sized quilts, five of them exclusive to Keepsake Quilting. The “Tokari Bunai” quilt shown below uses the full range of Tula’s glorious colors and patterns, and sets the squares on point for a super dynamic quilt.

"Tokari Bunai" quilt by Tula Pink
“Tokari Bunai” quilt by Tula Pink- the mix of fabric patterns and the on point setting of the squares makes it so dynamic!

The other five Tula Pink bed sized quilts are equally eye-catching and fun! Each kit comes with instructions, patterns and all the Tula Pink fabrics you need to start creating!

OK, OK, here’s one more:

Tula Pink's "Jewel of Burma" quilt-- a Keepsake exclusive
Tula Pink’s “Jewel of Burma” quilt is exclusive to Keepsake Quilting!

And coming soon is what I’m super psyched about: a 12-part video series (that’s tons of Tula!) called “Tula’s House: Inside the Mind and Studio of Tula Pink.”  Each episode follows Tula Pink as she designs a new fabric line, “Eden,” starting with her notes and sketches and culminating in a printed bolt of Tula-licious fabric. She lets you in on every aspect of the design process, so you’re sure to pick up new ideas you can use in your artistic journey.

My personal fave, though, is the Tula Pink coloring book. First, there’s that amazing cover:

Tula Pink coloring book cover
Glorious colors, glorious design– the cover of Tula Pink’s new coloring book.

On the inside, there are Tula Pink illustrations to color and hang on the fridge! (Why should your kids have all the glory?)

Illustration from Tula Pink's coloring book
Imagine what you can make of this illustration from Tula Pink’s coloring book!

The coloring book is a favorite of hers too, as per Tula Pink’s Facebook page:

Tula Pink loves her new coloring book!
Tula is almost as excited about her new coloring book as we are!

So let Tula Pink inspire you. I hear she doesn’t even mind if you use colors other than pink and green!


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