sheep baby quilt
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How to Make a Baby Quilt for Beginners

When you think about it, a baby quilt makes the perfect quilt project:

  • It’s not too big, so it won’t take a lot of time.
  • It doesn’t have to be fancy, so even a beginner can tackle it.
  • There’s a built-in due date. (Never mind that some babies get their quilts when they are 2. Ahem.)
sheep baby quilt
The Sheep Little Baby quilt comes together quickly and will be cherished for ages.

Also, babies aren’t too fussy about what the quilt looks like.

But their mamas usually are. (Right mamas?)

So read on for guidelines on how to make the perfect baby quilt.

1. Baby quilts are meant to be used! Not only should your fabrics and trims all be washable, it makes sense to wash, dry, and press all fabrics before you start sewing. This will also ensure the fabric doesn’t shrink and distort the quilt later.

In addition, pre-washing the fabric reduces the baby’s exposure to dirt and chemicals from the cloth while in transit from the warehouse, store, etc.

Fox Baby Quilt
Flannels make this pieced and fusible-appliqued baby quilt even more precious. Kit has pattern with Trina Kirkvold directions.

2. For comfort and durability, look for high-quality cotton fabrics and soft flannels. Nowadays, there are so many prints to choose from that have a playful look that will last beyond babyhood.

3. Safety first. When making any item for babies and small children, leave off small embellishments (like buttons) that can become choking hazards. Also, make sure strings or straps are too short to wrap around a baby or child’s neck, or simply avoid them altogether.

4. Pastels and primaries are tried and true–but many new baby quilt designs favor chic combos like Kelly and navy, turquoise and white, and gray plus just about anything.

5. Don’t forget the back! Choose a backing fabric with a pattern that will amuse baby, especially as he or she grows. Then you can play games like “Count the stars” or “Find the fox.”

easy baby quilt pattern
Adjust the fabrics in this easy baby quilt pattern to match any nursery.

6. Intricately pieced patterns make impressive quilts, but if you’re looking for easy baby quilts to make, stick with a simple pattern that lets the fabric colors and patterns shine.

Whether you’re making your first quilt for a friend’s baby or you’re an experienced quilter crafting an heirloom to be passed down for generations, there is a baby quilt pattern and fabric on Keepsake Quilting that will make your modern baby–and her family–feel loved.

Happy Quilting!

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