color me tote sewing tutorial

Free, Easy Sewing Project: Kids’ Coloring Tote

Are you looking for an easy sewing project to make for a young person? This quick-to-make Color Me Tote fits the bill and has many gifting possibilities. Make it with the Color Me line by Michael Miller Fabrics and this tutorial from Sewing Rabbit.

When you’re done, fill the tote with a pack of fabric markers. The recipient will love personalizing the fabric with the markers and carrying their art supplies in the bag.

color me tote sewing tutorial
Carry art supplies in this fabric tote you can color with fabric markers. Tutorial and photos by Sewing Rabbit for Michael Miller Fabrics.



  • (2) 13″L x 11.5″W – Tote Exterior & Interfacing
  • (2) 13″L x 11.5″W – Tote Lining
  • (1) 13″L x 11.5″W – Tote Pocket & Interfacing
  • (2) 4″L x 22″W – Tote Handles & Interfacing


1. Adhere interfacing to the wrong side of all fabric pieces according to the interfacing instructions. Fold pocket in half, wrong sides together, and press the top folded edge.

2. Place pocket on top of (1) Tote Lining, matching up the raw edges. Pin around the sides and bottom, and baste stitch 1/8″ away from the edge.

3. Using a ruler and pen, mark straight lines down the pocket 1.5″ away from each other. Sew the lines to create casings for your markers.

4. Place (2) Tote Lining right sides together, pin and sew side edges. Place (2) Tote Exterior right sides together, pin and sew side and bottom edges. Turn Exterior Tote right side out, turn out corners and press.

color me tote sewing tutorial
Steps 1-4. Photos by Sewing Rabbit

5. Fold Tote Handle right sides together and pin long outer raw edge. Sew. Turn tube right side out and press. Repeat for other Tote Handle.

6. Match up the raw handle edges with the top edge of your Exterior Tote, making sure the handle is equal on both sides. Pin in place and baste stitch 1/8″ away from the edge to secure. Repeat for both sides of the tote.

7. Slip Lining around the Exterior Tote so that they are right sides together, matching up the side seams. Pin around the upper edge and sew.

8. Pull tote right side out, fold the Tote Lining bottom edge 1/2″ towards the inside and press. Sew Lining bottom closed. Push Lining inside of the tote and press. Edge stitch around the top of the tote to finish.

color me tote sewing tutorial
Steps 5-8. Photos by Sewing Rabbit

You can find two more Color Me fabrics on Color Me Fish and Color Me Owl. Looking for a larger tote bag? We have many easy sewing project patterns, like the Fiji Tote Bag Pattern, on our site. Check them out now!

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