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Quilting Gift Ideas

Quilting Gift Ideas for Mothers and Others

Who taught you to sew? Chances are, good ol’ mom—or grandma—was responsible. You may not have begun quilting until later, but it’s likely you owe the love of fabric and stitching—by hand or with a machine—to a motherly figure.

grandma mary quilt kit
Quilting makes memories. Grandma Mary Five-Patch Quilt.

We asked our Facebook fans when they learned to quilt, and many of them said they started as young as four under the guidance of their mother or grandmother.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

“I remember watching my grandmother make quilts for each of us when I was very young, and reuse our worn out quilts as the insides of new quilts (she tied each of hers), but it wasn’t until I had my daughter that I decided to make one. That turned into an addiction that I have since passed onto my daughter, and now she has made more quilts than me.

tribute to mom quilt
Patterns like ‘Tribute to Mom’ make wonderful quilted gifts.

“The quilt that meant the most to me was the one I made for my grandmother when she was no longer able to quilt and was in an assisted-living setting. When she passed, the quilt returned to me, and I always think of Nana every time I look at it.” Roxanne Galica

“My grandmother taught me to hand piece first and then how to sew using the treadle machine. Very fond memories of my grandmother ‘cause she made time to be with me and let me make little kid attempts at quilting. I now own the treadle machine and keep on quilting.” Grace Vaughn

“My mom, Betty, taught me to sew when I was 5. I started with doll clothes, then stuffed animals.” Robin Roth

Who taught you to sew and quilt? If it was your mom, grandma, aunt or teacher—and they are still with you–how about thanking them with some of these special quilt gifts?

Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock
The ultimate in sewing room decor, this genuine German cuckoo clock was designed for quilters by quilter and TV host Jodie Davis. When the cuckoo coos, the quilter uses a rotary cutter to cut her fabric, and the cat jumps up and down on the fabric bolts!

quilt gifts
Mother’s Day quilt gifts don’t get any better than this: a Quilt Shop Cuckoo Clock designed by Jodie Davis.

Easy Binder Winder
Why bother pressing your binding strips if they’re just going to end up in a heap on the floor? After which, you’ll have to gather them up in something while you sew on the binding. This new product, the Easy Binder Winder, attaches to your ironing board and winds the binding up as you press. Then you can store the binding easily until you’re ready to stitch it. Set it next to your machine and unwind as you go. This is a quilting gift Mom didn’t know she needed–but will love once she has it.

easy binder winder quilting gift
Make mom’s life easy with a binder winder.

Hostess Apron Kit and Gift Bags
Looking for handmade gift ideas? Mom, Grandma, or your best friend will love a hostess apron made from Marmalade Fabrics by Whistler’s Locally Grown line (see fabric below). You can whip this up in an afternoon, so why not make one for everyone (including yourself)? Feeling ambitious? Make Hostess Bags from the same fabric and fill them with homemade jam, cookies, or a special trinket.

quilted gift ideas hostess bags
Fill these fabric hostess bags with homemade treats or sewing notions.

Whimsical Seasons Door Decor
These handmade gifts will greet grandma at the door every season, reminding her of your mutual love of fabric, sewing and quilting. All the materials come in a kit and you’ll have great fun putting them together. Include the kids!

Whimsical fabric door decor
Make something pretty and useful for Mother’s Day, using fabric, trims, and more.

Patriotic Jim Shore Collectibles
Is Mom fond of patriotic quilts or barn quilts? Then she’ll love our two new collectibles from Jim Shore for her sewing room, windowsill or desk: the barn quilt figurine you see below and a majestic, but miniature, bald eagle.

gifts for quilters Shore barn
A love for America and barn quilts are combined in this Jim Shore collectible.

I See Wrappable Light
For moms on the go who love to hand sew or need a little extra light, this is one practical gift. You can wrap the long flexible neck around yourself or something nearby to get the bright LED light right where you want it. Perfect for knitters and other needleworkers, too.

wrappable light gifts for quilters
A practical gift than any quilter or needleworker will love.

Still not finding just the right gift? How about signing your favorite quilter up for Keepsake Quilting iQuilt Club (KQiQ) for a year’s worth of gifts and special treatment. Or, who wouldn’t want a Keepsake Quilting gift certificate to shop for fabric, notions, or kits?

Whoever taught you to quilt, be sure you thank them with a note, a warm hug, or one of these gifts for quilters. And if they’re no longer with you, honor them by making something special for a friend–or yourself–today!

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