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Benefits of BOMs (Block of the Month Quilts)

Do you have UFOs piling up? Do you want to make a large quilt but don’t think you have the time? Or you want to get started quilting but the thought of a big project overwhelms you? Or maybe the cost of purchasing all that fabric at once doesn’t fit your budget.

Fernwood block of the month
Learn to make a variety of quilt blocks in this Fernwood Block of the Month quilt. Get free video lessons on QNNtv.

What if I told you there was a way to create a quilt a little at a time, and a gentle pace, with like-minded people.

There is, and it’s called Block of the Month (BOM) quilts.

How Block of the Month works: You receive the materials for one block at a time each month for a period of months (usually 4-12, depending on the size and type of the quilt).

You pay as you go: once you sign up, you get charged month by month as each block kit is shipped.

The BOM benefits:

A steady, reasonable pace. Even a lap-size quilt can look overwhelming when you have to purchase fabric, cut all the pieces and tackle all the sewing at once. Block of the Month quilts, on the other hand, allow you to approach the quilt a little at a time.

christmas block of the month
Christmas BOM by Joyce White Mangieri.

Keepsake Quilting Facebook follower Joyce White Mangieri says the pacing of a BOM helped her achieve a special quilting goal.

“I’ve always wanted a queen size Christmas quilt, but I’m always too busy making Christmas gifts for my family. So when our local quilt shop offered a BOM I had to do it!”

A chance to try something new. Many BOM patterns include a variety of quilt blocks in their designs. Others use a technique like wool hand applique or fused applique. The instructions that come with a BOM each month give you a little extra hand-holding, so you may feel more inclined to branch out and experiment.

block of the month quilt
Block of the Month quilt by Liz Dyer.

Liz Dyer, another Facebook follower, likes Block of the Month quilts so much, she’s working on two at once. One of them, shown here, “has been fun so far and pushed me out of my comfort zone once or twice.”

No big up-front cash outlay and no waste. Instead of purchasing a lot of fabric that you may or may not use, with block of the month quilts you only receive the supplies and directions you need to create one block. And, you get only what you need—there’s no extra fabric to deal with. You also pay by the month, so a large quilt becomes very affordable to make.

river rock block of the month
Perfect your triangle squares with this River Rock Block of the Month quilt.

Time to finish! Maybe it’s the built-in periodic deadlines or maybe it’s the fact that you save time shopping and cutting. But many quilters report that Block of the Month quilts help them actually finish their projects—or at least finish faster.

Nervous about making a BOM? Jenny Kae Parks walks you through each step of the Fernwood quilt on QNNtv. Sign up for a free trial and watch as much as you want!

There is a Block of the Month quilt to suit every type of quilter, regardless of taste or experience level. So sign up for a Block of the Month quilt today!

Have you made a BOM? What tips would you offer to someone new to the process?

Leave your comments below–and upload a picture if you have one!


  • Fabulously Nifty Fifty

    The BOM is a very clever and beneficial idea. Being a beginner quilter allows me to not feel overwhelmed by the thought of I’ve taken on more than I can possibly handle. I look at the BOM as an in home quilting class where I can slow down but continue at a steady pace until my project is complete. I know I’m not alone, many quilters are at the same place moving at the same pace as me which is comforting to know. Sometimes just knowing that if everyone else can do it, so can I , and if not well Keepsakes Quilts is just a phone call away. I’ve never needed to call but it’s a comforting thought to know that I can if the time arises whenI need to. I’ve learned so much by using the BOM. Many experienced quilters have been surprised by what I’ve learned in a short amount of time. Techniques and patterns that many quilters who’ve been quilting for years have not stepped out of their comfort zones to try, yet I don’t feel any quilt I’ve experienced has been too difficult. I most likely would still be saying “I want to learn to quilt one day” if it hadn’t been for the pre cut patterns and the BOM. I’ve received many wonderful compliments on all my quilts Keepsake quilts. I’ve given many of my quilts as gifts. I love the look on the persons face when they see it for the first time, they get the most genuinely grateful smile ear to ear as they look at the details and love that made such a beautiful peice of art just for them. BOM is terrific for many people for many reasons, for me it’s been the avenue that gave me experience, knowledge and the joy of quilting without fear.

  • Nina Hamilton

    Can i purchase the whole pattern of the River Rock quilt. Its beautiful and i would love to make a quilt like it. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you

  • R b mays

    I ordered bom for over the meadow and the backing but I only received two months….now I have two finished blocks. I called to see why I have not received the last two months and I was told you were out of fabric. However, when I go on line you show it can be purchased. I love the quilt and would really like to finish it….any chance I will get that opportunity? This is the first time I have ordered from you and just not sure how this works. Help!

  • Marie Robinson

    I just purchased the Rasberrys and cream Block of the month kit and was so surprised that there wasn’t a COLORED PICTURE of the finished quilt. It would be very helpful to have one to look at when working on this quilt and not have to look it up on the internet every time you needed a reference Thank you
    The fabrics are beautiful can’t wait to start on it.

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