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T-Shirt Quilts and More Quilt Patterns for Guys

What makes a great going-off-to-college gift, first apartment gift, or special occasion gift for a man? A quilt, of course! Men appreciate memory quilts, t-shirt quilts, wall-hangings, patriotic quilts and bed quilts. You just have to match the pattern and style to the man and the occasion.

t shirt quilts
Capture your grad’s (or dad’s) memories in a colorful with a comforting t-shirt quilt pattern.

Here are some tips for choosing quilt patterns for men.

Off-to-College Quilts
There’s something about a favorite textile that reminds us of home. When kids go off to college, they often want to take something familiar with them, and a quilt makes the perfect choice.

Young men, in particular, seem to collect a lot of t-shirts, so t-shirt quilts make natural going-to-college gifts. Using a t-shirt quilt pattern helps you put it together with sashing  and fusible interfacing to stabilize the shirt fabric.

T-shirts not your grad’s thing? You can use Grandpa’s old flannel shirts or any other favorite textile and a template that helps you center motifs and cut the fabric the same size.

In fact, you can create the same type of memory quilt for a retiree with his corporate softball team shirts or one with your husband’s rock band t-shirts for his birthday.

Note: Be sure he no longer wants to wear them!

T-shirt Quilts – Tips for Success

t-shirt quilts pattern
Use a design wall to arrange your t-shirt
blocks so the colors and logos balance.

1. Wash and dry the t-shirts. Press them, using a pressing cloth, with the image face down. The t-shirts should be wrinkle-free before applying the fusible interfacing.

2. Cut off the sleeves and back of the shirt, leaving as much fabric around the design as possible.

3. Working with stretchy t-shirt fabric can be tricky. Put a fresh blade in your rotary cutter for this project so no threads are left uncut as you trim the t-shirt logos.

And, be sure to use very fine, sharp pins that slip through the fabric easily.

4. Always place the t-shirt fabric on the bottom, next to the feed dogs as you sew. If your machine has adjustable presser foot pressure, reduce the pressure or use a walking foot.

Be sure to check out this video on How to Make a T-Shirt Quilt from Old Clothes for additional tips and how-tos.

Stay in the Game

game day quilt
Fabric strips with game balls, jerseys, and popular
team colors make this Game Day Quilt Kit a winner.

Plenty of guys like to watch sports–whether it’s from the pee-wee soccer sidelines, professional stadium seats, or the sofa.

Keep them warm and comfortable with a lap quilt that’s good for all seasons and events.

Or, choose an easy quilt kit that reflects their love for a particular sport, like football .

If your guy prefers solitary sports, select a fabric that reflects his interests, such as skiing, and pair it with a pattern that lets you personalize the colors while focusing on a theme.

An outdoorsman might enjoy a lap or wall quilt that allows him to  contemplate wildlife and nature even when he’s back home. Or a rustic quilt he can use in his den or cabin.

Tips for Choosing Quilts for Guys    

denim and flannel quilt
‘Casual Friday’ makes a great guy quilt. Watch a free video on how to make this ‘3-D’ quilt.

1. Make it personal. Choose the colors, themes, or motifs that mean something to him.

2. Make it comfortable. Choose cool cotton, warm flannel, or rugged denim fabrics.

3. Make it washable. Unless you know he’s going to keep the quilt on a wall, avoid quilts that need special care. He’ll be more likely to use and enjoy your gift.

4. Make sure you label it. A quilted gift–however practical–makes a memory. Add a label with your name, the date, and the occasion of the gift so the quilt’s story will go with it when it’s handed down.

Do you make quilts for the men in your life? Do you have advice on making t-shirt quilts? Share your experiences in the comments section below.


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