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How to Make Christmas Fabric Snowflakes

Make snowflakes in July? Sure! What better way to get a jump on your Christmas creations? If you order your Christmas fabric projects now, you’ll be able to finish them in time to actually enjoy the holidays.

Snowflake Fabric OrnamentsSo let’s start with a fun project that is one of our most popular Christmas fabric crafts, the Woven Snowflake Ornaments by Penny Marble Quilt Designs. Read on for a tutorial from Penny herself.

The History of the Snowflake

The Woven Snowflake from Penny Marble Quilt Designs (PMQD) is an interpretation of a classic design dating back to the 1880s.

Originating in Germany, the woven stars were crafted from a variety of medium – metal, straw, wood, paper.

The stars found their way to Sweden by the mid-1900s and were a popular custom, hanging prominently in homes during advent.

Still a favorite of artisans, you will find these stars/snowflakes crafted from various media such as basket reed, vintage book pages, and now, with PMQD’s version, fabric!

The Woven Snowflake is not as difficult as it appears. The instructions included in the kit provide a step-by-step process and enough Christmas fabric and other materials to complete six of these beautiful ornaments. Here’s a brief overview.

Woven Snowflake How-to   

Step 1. Weave – Once the fabric has been prepared and the strips cut, the center of the ornament is constructed in a simple basket weave. You can leave some space (as I did in the photo at the top of this page), or push the strips tightly together to give a different look – your choice!

weaving the fabric strips
Weave the strips of fabric.

Step 2. Curl -The corners are formed by twisting and gluing the outer strips. On this sample, we alternated the strips, so both fabrics show from all sides, but you can keep all of one fabric on one side and all of the other on the other, like in the photo of the blue snowflake above. Again, it’s your choice.

curled fabric strips
Curl the ends of the fabric strips and secure with glue.

Step 3. Lace – Lacing the remaining strips into the opposing corners brings the ornament together. Glue at each point, pushing the strips in causing the snowflake to bow. Save one point to attach the hanging cord.

lacing the fabric strips
Lace strips through the ends.

Step 4. Trim – Trim the points, and you’re done. You’re ready to hang your snowflake!

trim fabric ends
Trim the ponts with sharp scissors, and you’re done!

The Woven Snowflake has been a Best Seller kit for Keepsake Quilting for many holiday seasons. The studio at PMQD develops a new design each year, and we also offer their Jingle Tree and Holiday Star ornaments.

Get a jump on your holiday decorating and order your kits today.

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