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Keep Your Sewing Room Organized with These 5 Tools

In my experience, keeping fabric and quilting supplies organized can be difficult. Even though I have a sewing space and plenty of storage, I, personally, have struggled for years to keep everything in order and ready to use.

bobbin-buddyI’ve bought fabric, but forgotten where I stowed it when I was finally ready to use it. I’ve picked out thread that perfectly complements my fabrics, but it was nowhere to be found by the time the quilt top was ready to be quilted. Even worse is when I cut my binding, put it “somewhere safe,” and then couldn’t locate my “safe place” so I had to cut the binding again.

Needless to say, my previous attempts at organization have been less than successful. Since I was frequently pausing to track down my supplies, I decided to reorganize my sewing space.

Here are some of the organizational tools I’ve found incredibly helpful:

Fabric Strip Case. I’ll never lose my binding strips again! I bought a few of these cases so I could store the binding I’ve cut for my current project and to store fabric I’ve cut for strip quilting. I love that the interior has a little bit of texture and that there are clips to keep the fabric strips from sliding around. If you enjoy using precut strips, these are a great way to keep your fabric organized and easy to find.


Super Satchel Box. This clear plastic box is a fantastic way to keep supplies and notions organized. It’s easy to see what’s stored inside and if you have several, they are stackable. I have a lot of precuts so I’ve started a box for 5” squares, one for 10” squares, and another two for fat quarters.

super-satchel-doubleSuper Satchel Cone Thread Tray and Super Satchel Double Deep Box. Gone are the days when I’ve misplaced that perfect shade of thread! Now that my spools of thread are stored on this convenient tray, I can always find what I’m looking for. This tray fits into the Super Satchel Double Deep Box so the thread stays dust free and I can keep everything together by stacking this on top of my other Super Satchel Boxes.

Bobbin Buddies. I don’t know about yours, but somehow my bobbins were always a mess. They’d unravel, become tangled, and then I’d have to spend what could’ve been quality sewing time trying to get them back in order. No more! The Bobbin Buddies might be the best thing since sliced bread. My bobbins stay tidy and I can easily find the thread color I’m looking for.

scrap-caddyScrap Caddy-Quilter’s Table. A scrap fabric bin is a must! I’m partial to this one because it can be tucked out of the way and the 10” bin holds a lot of fabric scraps. Since I was misplacing my scissors and rotary cutter often, this caddy was the perfect solution. Now I can always find them when I need to make a cut.

Now that I’ve got my space in order, I can spend time in my sewing room actually sewing. If you’ve been looking for storage solutions and organizational tools for your space, be sure to check out the many options from Keepsake Quilting.

P.S. How do you keep your space organized? Share your favorite storage tip with your fellow quilter by leaving a comment below. Or better yet, tell us how you use our products to keep everything in order by uploading a photo of your organized space to your favorite social media platform with the hashtag #myKQ.


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