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Create Fabric Paintings using Pre-cut Quilt Kits

Ready to give picture quilts a try? My favorite way to create fabric paintings is to layer fabric shapes using fusible appliqué. It can be quite time consuming to iron fusible to your fabric and to cut out the various appliqué shapes. Now that laser pre-cut quilt kits are available, quilting images is easier than ever!


What’s a laser pre-cut quilt kit?

laser-pre-cut-2If you’re not familiar with these handy appliqué kits, you’re missing out! The kits include pre-cut fabrics with the fusible web already ironed in place. The fabrics have also been laser cut into the smaller, more intricate shapes required by the pattern. Small tabs keep the various cut shapes attached in one sheet so they can easily be identified much like paper dolls or a sheet of brand new board game pieces.

In most kits, just the fabric and adhesive have been laser cut, not the paper backing. Before you can snip the tabs that retain each appliqué shape in its sheet, you must remove the backing paper. Once your pieces are released, you can start creating your picture quilt.

Here are a few fun appliqué quilt kits to try:

laser-pre-cut-3Bear Paws Table Runner Quilt Kit

This table runner is a wonderful introduction to laser pre-cut quilt kits. Begin by piecing three Bear Paw quilt blocks using the colorful batik fabric included in the kit. Then, fuse on a mama bear with her three cubs so they stroll across the table runner.  The fabrics used to create this rustic table runner are perfect for fall. Plus, this easy quilting project can be completed in just two weekends.



Who? What? Where? Quilt Kit

It’s easy to see why this quilt kit is a fan favorite!  Easily fuse the laser pre-cut batik fabrics to create the three raccoons peeking out of a tree framed by foliage. This whimsical wall quilt pattern would be a darling addition to a rustic family room or even a nursery with a woodland theme.


laser-pre-cut-4Moose ‘n Spruce Quilt Kit

Winter is coming. Stay cozy and warm as you spruce up your home décor with a wintery wall quilt. This intermediate quilt project utilizes laser pre-cut batik fabrics to create the realistic image of a moose in the snow. Since the design is relatively small, measuring 27” x 24”, this picture quilt comes together quickly, making it easy to bring a bit of rustic charm into your home this winter.

Laser pre-cut quilt kits are a great way to spend more time sewing and less time fiddling with your iron and scissors.  Give these convenient kits a try; explore our wide range of appliqué quilt kits at Keepsake Quilting to discover your next quilt project.


  • SortedMap

    Many of my close friends and family who were addicted to collecting fabrics and sewing have died of cancer that caused breathing problems or lung cancer. I do pre-wash ALL of the fabrics I work with just as a caution. I do not need to breath chemicals added to fabrics during the manufacturing process.

    • Etta

      Good thinking about the cancer potentials. Both my parents died from lung cancer as per their smoking since age 13. I’ve never smoke as I shared all their secondary smoke from birth and never contracted the craving. Contact allergies from unwashed new fabrics is my bane, so every new length of fabric’s cut ends are sewn together, then washed. The same with new garments.

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