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Quilt Lessons: How to Make a Sleeve for Wall Hanging Quilts

Tis the season of wintery wall quilts! Not every quilt is meant to keep us warm; some are made to be exhibited and others are made to spice up home décor as they spread cheer to all who gaze upon them. But, how do you hang a wall quilt? My favorite way is to make a hanging sleeve that can be attached to the back of the quilt.


If you’ve ever made a wall hanging quilt, you know it can be difficult to find instructions about how to make a hanging sleeve. In researching for this, I explored books, blog posts, and videos looking for instructions to share.

My favorite method comes from our friends at Quilting Daily and their show Quilting Arts TV. Here’s an overview of guests Leslie Tucker Jenison and Jamie Fingal’s quilt sleeve tutorial:


1. Cut a piece of cotton fabric to the exact width of your quilt by 9 inches deep.


2. Fold and press each edge into a ¼ inch fold.


3. Then turn again and press so raw edges are concealed.


4. Stitch the folded edge in place on both ends. Then stitch the length of the quilt sleeve “tube” (right side facing inward).


5. Turn the tube inside out.


6. Press the sleeve tube so the seam is on one edge and the fold is on the other.


7. Baste the folded edge with the longest machine stitch possible.


8. Then, roll the basted stitch to the top center of the sleeve so the basted stitch is situated over the other seam, which will be situated against the quilt back.


9. Pin the quilt sleeve to the quilt back one inch below the top of the quilt. The width should allow the sleeve to be positioned approximately one-half inch from each edge.


10. Stitch the sleeve securely in place. Be sure to whip-stitch the ends to the back of the quilt, which assures that the hanging device is inserted into the sleeve properly. It helps to take an extra stitch every 4-5 stitches so the sleeve won’t become loosened from the quilt if it is hung in multiple venues. Check to be sure that the stitches do not go through to the front of the quilt!


11. Once the sleeve has been securely stitched to the quilt back, remove the basting stitch from the sleeve. This tuck allows room for the hanging device to be inserted without creating excessive tension on the front of the quilt.

For those of you who are visual learners, I’d highly recommend watching this how-to video. from our friends at Sew Easy.

Now that you know the ins and outs of making a sleeve, which wall hanging quilt will you make first?

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