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Fusible Applique Is “Sew” Easy!

Groundhog Day is here and bringing with it thoughts of springtime blooms and creatures! While the groundhog might not be ready for spring, our Woodland Creatures quilt kit is ready right now! Designed by Rosemary Makhan of Quilts by Rosemary, this 80″ x 100″ quilt is an heirloom piece you and your family will love for many years to come.When I look at the top, I think about how excited I am for warmer temperatures and all the creatures and flowers that come alive in the spring. I also think about how much work this quilt would be to make. Between that floral border and all of the adorable animals on the quilt, you might think you’d have to work on this quilt for years to make any progress. Well, think again! Thanks to the precut, pre-backed fusible applique used in this quilt top, this quilt comes together fast. You could get this quilt today and have it ready in time for Spring–no matter how long away that silly groundhog says Spring may be!

1007300What Is Precut Fusible Applique?
Have you ever started a fusible applique quilt and been overwhelmed by the task of creating the applique pieces? Tracing, fusing, and cutting the applique components can be a difficult task for many. For me, I have a lot of trouble cutting tiny pieces in these designs–even with my smallest rotary cutter and sharpest scissors.

If you’ve never worked with fusible web you’ll love it! Fusible web is a double-sided adhesive with paper backing, and it makes applique a breeze. Simply trace the shape onto the paper side of the web, then iron the web to the back of the fabric. From there you can cut out your applique shapes and fuse them to the quilt top with an iron for easy applique. Leave the edges raw or add decorative stitches like a narrow satin stitch or blanket stitch – it’s your call.

But we’ve made this process even easier by doing all of the tracing, pre-fusing, and preparation for you with our Woodland Creatures quilt. A beautiful quilt with the work simplified–what could be better?

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