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Bike Week!

Last week was Laconia Bike Week in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We’re not talking about pedal-powered bicycles here; we’re talking about motorcycles. And we mean lots of motorcycles, hundreds of thousands, in fact. Whether we’re at the Keepsake Quilting shop, in the offices or in our own homes, the normally quiet landscape is filled with a dull roar. The roads, restaurants, motels and shopping areas are filled with motorcycles. It takes us a little longer to get to where we’re going, but, frankly, most of us don’t mind a bit. After all, New Hampshire been hosting the world’s oldest motorcycle rally for 95 years.

We quilters totally understand the bikers’ passion. Bikers walk up and down Weirs Boulevard on Lake Winnipesaukee, the center of the action, admiring and talking about each other’s bikes, just as we love to admire each other’s quilts at quilt shows. There are vendors galore showing their wares, just as there are at quilt shows. And just as quilters gather together to make quilts for charitable causes, bikers have special rides to raise money for worthy causes. There’s even a special Ladies Ride for charity. In recent years, Keepsake Quilting had its own booth at the Weirs where we raffled off pink bike quilts specially made to raise money for breast cancer awareness.

It’s wonderful to immerse yourself in a hobby. A hobby adds to life’s pleasures. We certainly understand that as quilters. Bikers understand that, too. Not that the two hobbies are mutually exclusive. Over the years, plenty of Keepsake Quilting employees have ridden their motorcycles to work. And we have no doubt, that once back home again, many of those Bike Week riders park their bikes, kick off their leather books and rev up their sewing machines.  

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