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Off to the Races

Image: Sporting News

New Hampshire gets lots of visitors in the summer. They head to the mountains, the lakes and the coast, and on the weekend of July 20–22, they head to the small New Hampshire town of Loudon. Loudon normally has a population of about 5,000 people, but on that particular weekend in July, that population explodes when race-car fans stream into town filling the 88,000 seats of New Hampshire Motor Speedway to watch their favorite NASCAR racers speed around the track.

The winner of Sunday’s race is awarded with the biggest lobster that can be found. That’s about 20 pounds or more. Now, here in New England, when we sit down to a lobster feed, those lobsters usually weigh 1-1/4 to 1-1/2 pounds. So a 20 pounder is a real monster! The story goes that Denny Hamlin, last year’s race winner, was terrified of his giant-clawed prize. Locals certainly enjoyed a good laugh over his reaction. That big ol’ lobster ends up in a giant pot down the road at the Makris Lobster & Steak House to be cooked and enjoyed by the winning race team.

With a race as big as the NASCAR race in Loudon, it’s natural that there are lots of race-car fans in New Hampshire. We know about die-hard fans, since many of them have worked at Keepsake Quilting over the years. Cindy, who’s in merchandising, says she’s able to outfit herself from head to toe with gear from her favorite drivers. Her family have been NASCAR fans for years. Even when she was older, Cindy’s mother didn’t let a wheelchair hold her back from attending the races.

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Just as New Hampshire Speedway caters to people who love speed, Keepsake Quilting, 28 miles up the road, caters to people who love speed too—quilting speed, that is. For those who like to finish a project in an afternoon, we have panel kits. For those who want to skip right over the cutting and start sewing, we offer all sorts of precut fabric collections. Now for those who are in no rush, and are happy to make a leisurely quilt that could take a year to finish, we have some beautiful block-of-the-month projects. You can find all these quick-as-a-wink and long-term projects online, in our catalog or at the shop. There’s a bonus, though, if you come to the shop in the summer. You can walk around the corner to Red Hill Dari where you can sit outside under an umbrella and enjoy a fresh lobster roll, one of New England’s true summertime delights. The lobster is all cooked, out of the shell, and ready to eat. So easy, so delicious, and not the least bit intimidating!

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