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A Quilt to Crow About

We’ve got a quilt to crow about. We liked it so much that we put it on the cover of our fall catalog. Cheryl, our amazing buyer, has a knack for knowing just what quilts our Keepsake Quilting customers will love. She’s been choosing our products for years and deciding the one quilt that will go on the cover.  See it here

It’s always a big day when Evelyn, our photographer, and Patty, our stylist, go on location to photograph the cover quilt. They knew the perfect location for the “And So It Crows” quilt, this fall’s cover quilt. They loaded up Patty’s car with camera equipment, props and the featured quilt and headed up the road to Harold Cook’s Windover Farm in Tamworth, New Hampshire. Evelyn loves shooting quilts at the Cook’s farm, because the light is so gorgeous and the Cooks are so gracious. Harold tells the gals to pop in any time they want to use his farm for a photo shoot. The Cook’s garden shed provided the perfect backdrop for this fall’s cover quilt, which is filled with country charm.

Country charm isn’t the only thing that “And So It Crows” has going for itself. It’s designed by Karen Walker of Laugh Yourself Into Stitch who did a fabulous job of making this totally pieced quilt easy to do. Those flowers and crows are just squares, rectangles, half-square triangles and corner triangles. Cheryl and Vonnie, who chooses fabrics for our kits, did a great job of selecting a scrappy mix of fabrics for this fun quilt.

We thought you’d enjoy hearing the story behind our “And So It Crows” cover quilt (Item #1009369). If you decide to make this special quilt, then you’ll have a story to tell, too, because, as we all know, every quilt has a story.


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