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Keepsake Quilting Warehouse Sale

Our annual June Summer Sale at the shop has always been our big event of the year, so we asked ourselves, if we did a three-day warehouse sale in August, would anyone come? Well we got our answer last Thursday, the 23rd, when customers were lined up in the warehouse parking lot waiting to see what goodies we had in store underneath three big tents. One tent was all fabric. We took all the skinny bolts of fabric from the warehouse, pulled out the cardboard centers, and laid the fabric on the tables. There was no cutting of yardage. The fabric was purchased as is. But not all the fabric was in large pieces. There were smaller cuts of fabric from discontinued kits and collections. And there were boxes and boxes of scraps. There was a fabric size for everyone. Shoppers just piled up all the fabrics they wanted on a scale and paid the bargain price of $5.00 per pound. The other two tents held kits, patterns and prepackaged collections, all at great bargain prices.

Every day there was new merchandise brought into the tents. By the end of the first day, lots of fabric tables were bare, but, the next morning, shoppers again had a whole tent full of fabric from which to choose. During the day, when shoppers heard the metal carts clanking down the parking lot with fabrics and boxes of merchandise for replenishing the tents, they rushed to the carts unloading the boxes for us. Much of the merchandise never made it to the tables. It went right from metal cart to checkout line.

It really was a fun time, and the weather was certainly on our side—bright and sunny all three days, yet not too hot. Parking was at a premium, so Mark shuttled shoppers from the Keepsake Quilting shop up to the warehouse. On Thursday he was so busy going back and forth that he was afraid of running out of gas. So his van passengers gladly accompanied him to the gas station. Everyone was just so accommodating and cheerful throughout the whole sale. Without a doubt, our first warehouse sale was a great success. Will we do it again? We’ll just have to see.


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