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Past Meets Present: Let’s Make Log Cabin Quilts!

The log cabin block is one of the oldest known quilt blocks, also known as the “housetop” block or seen in variations like the Courthouse Steps. It features a center square that symbolizes the “heart” and “hearth” of the home. This center square is traditionally red (sometimes yellow, which symbolizes a warm light in the window) and the block is built out from the center. As you add “logs” to the hearth center the block grows. Each log cabin block has a light and a dark side and the combinations are endless with their placement in a quilt.

Rumored to have been named the log cabin because of Abraham Lincoln’s famous humble birthplace, the log cabin design is an design that has been used throughout the ages. It has even been spotted in ancient drawings on Egyptian tombs as well as the earliest quilts made in England.

Highly popular during the pioneer era in America, you will often find this motif repeated in well-worn quilts. Its roots in Americana has made it a classic quilt block that never tires in its reinvention. From mixing lengths of logs to create curves to using modern color palettes, the log cabin block is a traditional block that is timeless in its use today.

In that spirit, the ever-popular block has appeared in many of our quilt kits and catalogs over the years. This season is no exception! From many books on the construction and creative ways to use the block to rulers that help you create perfect log cabins every time, Keepsake Quilting is happy to be a part of keeping this traditional block alive.

Here are some ways we’re participating in the log cabin block’s reinvention:

By elongating the center square, the Radiant Energy quilt kit gives the log cabin a modern look. This kit features stunning silver-etched fabrics that add elegance to your decor.

Create a curvy swirl with your log cabin blocks! Using the 6” Curvy Log Cabin Trim Tool by Creative Grids you can create an impactful rainbow.

Check out all the Creative Grids Log Cabin rulers here.

Speaking of rainbows, this quilt brings a whole world of color to your sewing. Featuring the popular ombre effect, Ombre Bloom by V and Co showcases dainty blooms that cascade across the gradient of colors. We just love this on-point effect in this pattern. Both the pattern and kit are available here.

Can you spot the log cabins in our Block of the Month, Black Diamond? Join the Black Diamond BOM and build your skills with various classic blocks in bite-sized portions every month.

Want more Log Cabins? Find patterns, books and more here!

Happy Quilting!


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