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A COVID-19 Update

To our valued customers,

We hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy during these unprecedented times. We at Keepsake Quilting know the therapeutic value of sewing and quilting and we are committed to providing you with the same level of customer service and shipping, but have made a few adjustments to keep our staff safe. As a family business, we know that people, not things, are the heart of our company and we are taking every measure to keep them safe.

We are open and are fulfilling orders with a curtailed staff. Please allow a little extra time as we work to get your fabrics, kits, and notions to you. Fabric by the yard is cut to order and will take 7 days to process. Express shipping is available. We are currently a few days behind in processing orders and are grateful for the support you have shown us.

While adhering to CDC guidelines, our limited staff is operating under split shifts to keep up with orders, but to also keep a safe social distance. Surfaces are routinely disinfected and each staff member has a designated area to avoid cross-contamination. We are washing our hands frequently and also wearing masks and gloves while handling orders.

For our offices, any staff member who can work from home is currently doing so. This includes our call center staff and may result in extended call wait times. Please be patient with us as we navigate this new normal. Your call is very important to us.

In response to the shortage of personal protection equipment, we are also sewing and cutting kits to distribute face masks locally. You can learn more about this initiative on our blog. You can join us and stitch along with this easy-to-sew face masks pattern.

Our website is a candy store for quilters. As you stay safe at home, check out our kits, fabrics, and over 7,500 notions. We hope you use this time to be creative and to enjoy your craft.

Most importantly, from our family to yours, please stay well and healthy!

Thank you,

Dot and Rick Kimelman


  • Johanna Hampel

    I have purchased product from you in the past and had an account set up, however, today when I tried to log in, you have no record of me. Has there been a purging of accounts? I am concerned about making a purchase and giving up my credit card number in case your accounts were hacked.

  • Mary-Lu Shepherd

    I was notified some time back that Block 7 of my BOM would be coming but hav won’t received it. There is no rush but a couple things I have mailed failed to reach their destination so I am just checking since the amount was taken from my checking account. thanks again for the wonderful job you do at Keepsake Quilting.


  • Erma Rountry

    I have ordered 3 pieces of fabric back in last of Feb. or March. Do you know how soon I will be getting the orders. One is backing and the other two are diamond jewel box in the purple and white colors. Please let me know. Thanks

  • Polly Stahl

    I bought some wide backing fabric a while back, that had a preprinted design for free motion quilting that washed out when finished. I just recently used it and now several friends have asked where they can get it. I don’t see it on the website. Do you still carry it? Also, do you ship to Canada? I really love how the quilting came out.-Polly

  • Kimberley Merchant

    I ordered on April 2. Still no tracking info available and it’s April 15. While I understand things are busy at the moment and you are short staffed. I’ve emailed twice for an update and not gotten any response. I’m moving in less than two weeks and need to know an estimated date of arrival. If it’s later than April 27 it will need to go to my new address. This is my first experience purchasing from you and the lack of communication is very frustrating. I’m pretty close to cancelling the order. Please respond!

    • Christine

      Hi Kimberley,
      Thank you for shopping with us! Your items are currently on back order but we will be in touch with you shortly to get your new shipping address details. We apologize for the delay and thank you for understanding.

  • Ellen

    I order on March 27th and like Kimberly, have not received any update nor tracking info. When I ordered it said order now shipping in April. Now the product info says shipping in May. From that note, I am assuming this order will not be fulfilled until after the quarantine is over? If so, maybe I should cancel the order and order from Amazon.

    • Kimberley Merchant

      Hi Ellen, Did you ever receive your order? I ordered April 2, still nothing. The tracking number they gave me doesn’t work in the USPS site and I get an error when I try to look in my account on their site. It’s May 18 today. It’s coming to Canada for me so I expected it to take longer with Covid 19 but this seems extreme. When I follow up via email, they respond with it should arrive in a few days but nothing yet.

    • Kimberley Merchant

      Kimberley Merchant happy to report my fabric has finally arrived! Took a bit longer than expected and there were some bumps in the road early on with a lack of communication but I get it, everyone is busy and short staffed. The fabric is beautiful and safely packaged to keep it in excellent condition! Thank you.

  • Judy Cardin

    Thank you for your safety measures due to the covid19 virus. I am currently waiting for a shipment but I’m not minding the delay. Once again Thank you

  • Kimberley Merchant

    I appreciate you reply in this forum last week. But here we are again with a lack of communication. You said “someone will reach out shortly for your new address” that was a week ago. What does “shortly” mean in your business because in mine is does not mean a week or more 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Anne Bassler

    I was on your digital catalog looking for precut quilting stencils.The selection is really tiny I was expecting a bigger inventory ! Any idea where else I can look ?

  • Loretta Freehling

    I was trying to check on my order from 03/01/20 #SO00190375. Just wanted to know the status of my order and an estimated date when I can expect to receive it. Thank you!

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