Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

We’re thrilled so many of you took the time to submit your quilt pix to our National Quilting Day competition. We don’t know when we’ve spent a more enjoyable weekend – hour after hour, new entries poured in and we got the chance to see incredible work, a vast range of techniques, and rainbows of color palettes. From expertly executed kitted quilts to ingenious original designs, your talents amazed and delighted us!

Even more inspiring were the stories that came with the pictures. Quilters are a special kind of generous, spending days, weeks, and sometimes years creating beautiful quilts and then gifting them to family, friends, and sometimes strangers in need. Love is handmade!

How to choose a winner? It wasn’t possible to pick just one. So we’ve awarded one Best In Show, plus additional winners in several categories plus Honorable Mentions. Congratulations to our winners! Please message us on Facebook with your contact information so we can get your prizes to you.

Sincere thanks to everyone who posted a pix and shared their awesome projects with all of us. Quilt on!

Best In Show: Anne Sidell

Best Sampler: Gisela Charlotte O’Connor

Best Paper Piecing: Peggy Mead

Best Patchwork: Joan Scafe

Best Art Quilt: Michelle Tompkins

3D: Jody Josh Smith

Honorable Mentions

Elaine McCormick

Deb Peterson

Susan Nelson Stein

Best In Show Winner
Best In Show, Anne Sidell

Best Sampler, Gisela Charlotte O’Connor.

Best Paper Piecing, Peggy Mead

Best Patchwork: Joan Scafe

Best Art Quilt: Michelle Tompkins

Best 3D, Jody Josh Smith

Honorable Mention, Elaine McCormick

Honorable Mention, Deb Peterson

Honorable Mention, Susan Nelson Stein